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Three releases previously unavailable on vinyl, now available on Trip Machine Laboratories.


released October 8, 2018

Tracks 1-5 Engineered by Jacob Scott & Luis Quiroz
Tracks 6-12 Engineered by Jacob Scott
Mixed by Jacob Scott
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering
Artwork and layout by Jacob Scott


all rights reserved



Piece of Mind Tulsa, Oklahoma

Trip Machine Labs

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Track Name: Endless Lies
as I cover my eyes to see darkness from above, darkness from the sea, darkness from everybody, plead and plead, but they’ll take that away from me, everything goes, even me, from the end of a barrel, to the back of your mindless ease, as everything crumbles around, we seek to follow the lightened path, lead by those darker than the eye can see, please, oh god, please, won’t you save me? I beg for forgiveness and you gave me nothing, I called for you but you never heard me, never heard me through the clouds, never heard me when I called your name, nothing is your name, nothing is there
Track Name: Harsh Reality
I look in the mirror at a reflection of self to see my dreams will never be reality, to you I’m a puppet hanging on a string, wrapped around my neck, I wait for the cross to break, it’s a harsh reality that we are all about to face, fence walker, your end is here, I am your worst fear, a bullet to your skull to make your nightmares real, all vision, it seems to be unclear, as the light begins to follow you to your end, none begin to fear, as they twist the minds of the foolish ones, like a bullet in the back of the head, the piercing of the lead, as the wisdom begins to spread on your wall of death, the lead travels to your end, the world has turned for worse, as I see the truth behind your badge of shame, the bullet that brings you to your knees, pray for death, no savior will hear your last breath, god is a lie, man is the reason why
Track Name: Judas In Your Eye
your bitter cold hands wrapped around my throat, you grasp tighter to watch me choke, a white shade comes across the face of pain, as the blood burst like how you planned it, pain is what instills me to walk this beaten path of lies and misery, I seek to find the truth in the meaning of life that you held so close, the feeling of your holy cloak, a burning cross around the neck of hope for all to see, forsaken is what you call me, a fucking failure of life is what you see, only due to the things you believe, denied, betrayer, judas in your eye
Track Name: Nation of Fear
you claim the world is in your hands, a universe of pain, an unknowing agony, the lost, heartless, deceiver to your eye, a nation of fear is what’s to rise, as you curse all for the rightful doing of your wrongs, living through my own pain, I wish you’d just hear my cries again, you never came and you were never there at all, american dream shoved down your throats, set yourself free, the bevel is clenched between your teeth, so many thoughts through my brain, all like the needle in my veins, a sense of pain, a sense of fear, no joy, no peace, nation of fear, I watch the fire burn before my eyes, as I see the flames begin to rise, look in the mirror to see inside, you brought this on yourself, you’ll get what you deserve
Track Name: Unjust Society
I watched the world turn its back on the things they love, too blind to see, too quick to judge, the hammer swings down, destroying all that we know, as the corrupt mind takes its toll, down the longest road that I know, please don’t take me, please don’t torment me, now I see what it’s like to live the american dream, like a thief in the night, not a stranger to the eye, like putting the bevel down my throat, like biting the bullet, it’s time to fucking pull it
Track Name: Boil
they say that I’m crazy, if only they knew how much I hate me would they still try to save me? as your savior has never answered to thee, kneeling on the ground, screaming out so loud, begging for help, no one hears you
now, we will watch you suffer, we will watch you drown, in a sea of lies, not a soul alive will hear your cries, as the wolf feast on the prey, the blood of all is thicker than they say, not a nail through my veins is enough to save, I’m dying to hear you call my name, living in the shadow, living in the darkness, hellbound, so they say, bury me six feet deep, hellbound
Track Name: Omega
take back the lies, all I see is destruction in front of me, as you sit high on your pedestal of corruption and greed, you steal from the pockets of the ones who are in need, the weak cry to praise as they plead, as you sit back and laugh at those who suffer from the past, blind to what is right, it’s time to open your eyes to see that in the end there is no life, clasp
your hands so tight to pray to end our life, grab the rope as it wraps so tight, the fall of man is believing there’s a life, there is no hope that is in sight, you are nothing to me but another hopeless being, I swear to your god I’ll end your fucking beginning, as all plead and all cry, the crown of thorns never looked so nice, I hope I watch you suffer until you die
Track Name: No Light
inhumanity will prevail, unjustifiably destroying all, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, don’t you all see you’re dead to me in the back of my fucking mind, as you chose to believe in the dark cover of the unseen, the unholy one is me ,the dark soul I choose to be the dullest nail straight through my veins, crucified, call me king, the creator of all is who I call on and all I see is the fall, as I see fire behind my eyes, I will watch you all burn, I will watch you all die, no hope, no light, the end is near, the end is nigh
Track Name: Kiss of Peace
reality crumbles all around as I watched your world burn to the ground, angels will fall as the trumpets sound, heavens gates are built up to be torn down, the fire burns brighter, all will see, there is nothing left for you and me, chaos returns, thinning the herd, all is weak, no one will hear the cries of the weak, no one is there to bring peace, no one is safe from the evil that I see, if it’s a kiss of peace I need damn me to hell, that’s where I’ll be, even the most beautiful creature of all deceives the lover’s eye, only blind eyes are all that is in sight
Track Name: Desperation
jaws of life grasping ahold of me, dragging me down into a never ending sea, sea of cries, sea of tears, please bury me six feet deep, coming from
in the shadows, blind to all they see, disguised as you and me, like a wolf in a sheep, put a barrel to my head, I hear freedom ring, death is the key for me to be free, you are my oppressor when I want freedom, you are my oppressor when I call for justice, nobody will save you now, you speak to your god, heavy lies the crown, desperation is a feeling in me, I call on the holy being, none will set me free...