by Piece of Mind

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released August 5, 2019

Engineered by Jacob Scott and Luis Quiroz
Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Scott
Art and Layout by Chris Mollet
Photos by Errick Easterday
Guest vocals on "Eschaton" by Matt Anderson
Guest vocals on "Reach" by Scott Vogel


all rights reserved



Piece of Mind Tulsa, Oklahoma

Trip Machine Labs

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Track Name: Unfulfilled
In the sky
No promises will come true
All hope is gone through and through
Like a knife in your back twisted by the ones who love you
Swallowing sadness and drinking from the vines of greed
I beg of you to please just kill me
End my misery
Take my pain
Go up in the sky
In the heavens we will all die
No resurrection
Just black eyes
Shadows of our being
Souls of the ones clinging
to grasp what's left to save
I watch your world cave
No hope for the strong
No pity for the weak
Dreams bleed like a busted artery
My god, you can't save me from my endless misery
Track Name: Eschaton
Counting the days like the end of time
As all follows Armageddon’s line
Executed one by one
A simple knife to the neck
You'd rather see them dead
A father stands so tall
Decides the fate of us all
As I watch your hope fall
As we see the evil of all the “good beings”
will win over us all
Day of Judgment has come
We will all be sent with the fallen ones
Damnation of all is what you bring
Rain fire
Rain blood
The end has come
Track Name: Reach
You rise to your power
To bring us down
A slaughter of the soul is what you found
Based on the things that you believe
We're not all as important as it seems to be
You walk away clean after the death of me
I look you straight in the eyes
You are my worst demise
Lead digs deep
Erase my memory
Between my eyes the blood spills red
You go to sleep
Another nights rest
As you’re pleased of the wrongful dreams
That you've achieved
Another enemy free on the street
Soon you will meet your destiny
You rise to your feet to kick us down
A protector of the streets, is an assassin for the weak
My fate is in your hands
As the rope begins to slip
I will see my end
Track Name: Mercy Killer
A dead end street
The sound of the end of a heartbeat
Violence is sought when nothing is redeemed
As revenge is sought there will be no mercy
An endless sacrifice from a growing seed
You take everything away from me
Judgment. Unfaithful. Disbelieving.
Everything you describe me to be
You always said by any means, you would do what’s necessary
You turned your back on your youngest offering
Never tell me who to be
Forcing me to love my greatest enemy
I hate everything I love around me
You swing your fist
I turn the other cheek
That’s what you taught me
Now you betray me
Mercy killer
Bring me suffering
Track Name: Swallow
All claims to believe in a sole something
Before their eyes an image is clear
The hypocrisy is here
Your true self is revealed
A disgusting being
You choose to overlook their wrongful doing
You point at others but not the ones you held so close
You bite your tongue, because it’s the only one that you know
You show sympathy to those you oppose
You believe there’s a chance for hope
You wear your heart on your sleeve
But it seems to slip so easily
All due to your fucked thinking
I wish you pain
I wish you hell
Live your life wishing on a wishing well
Life is a hard pill to swallow
As pain is delivered your end will soon follow
Black and blue swollen shut
Nothing will save you from your disgust
Track Name: Weight of the World
You ask for peaceful revolution
There’s no hope, only racial confusion
No “do unto others” evolution
Taking a knee is your world’s conclusion
To gain popular execution
Dog eat dog with claws grasp
As their eyes are on our backs
I see no peaceful sight
Unwillingly held down by lies
Condemned are those for not following blind
Nation under an unloving god
Hell on earth with no where to turn
As you point the finger in hopes of those
Will follow with eyes closed
A dimly lit path, the shadows down us from our backs
Never did we see a wolf in sheep’s clothing
I cave to see what’s wrapped around the end of me
Weight of the world, set me free